Delilah is described in scripture as a Philistine seductress who successfully was able to subdue Israel’s strongest fighter “Samson” through her charm (Judges 16). In this song, “Delilah” is a metaphor of one who uses his/her sexual appeal to those bound by their charms to pervert one from their individual purpose in life. Inspired by Proverbs 7 verse 4, the hook/chorus is a prayer that invites The Spirit of God’s Wisdom and Understanding to “…help us stand tall in this path…” of life that we walk, more especially in the issues relating to our human sexuality.


– released June 12, 2016
– Beat produced by “J Force” which served as an instrumental on his track “Pink Chicken”
– Lyrics composed by Calliber [Catch this song on Calliber’s upcoming “Conscious of Christ (mixtape)”
Download the single here: Delilah (mp3.)

Kingdom Rap Vol.1

Kingdom Rap Volume 1, served as Calliber’s debut project as a Christian Rapper. The mixtape comprises a host of themes that echoed Calliber’s  heart and passion to proclaim Christ through his lyrics. The project was released on 01 May 2012 as a free online mixtape with copies produced in Swaziland only.

For its compilation, Calliber got together with Swazi veteran Artist and producer M-Forteen. With M-Forteen’s guidance, the mixtape features memorable songs such as; “Praise God”, “Number Our Days” & “Tears Drop“.

Also featured on the mixtape was the memorable track; “More Than A Conqueror“. The song featured US based Rap Artist, “Sick Flo” (formerly known as “Ric Flo”) and made headlines in Calliber’s home country.

Stream and Purchase below: