“Conscious of Christ” is a free mixtape by Calliber, set for release 17 November 2016. The concept was inspired by Calliber’s hope and desire that people would become more “Conscious” and aware of the Presence of Christ in our everyday lives.

By definition, being “Conscious” or “Consciousness” is the state or quality of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Calliber links this to the need of being aware of God’s Presence in our lives and the need to be consciously aware of the truths inside God’s Word (The Bible).

The mixtape features both old and new releases by Calliber and was recorded in the Kingdom of Swaziland. Physical copies will be made available in Swaziland only.

By: Calliber “The Berean Emcee”

Cover art designed by Hard Creative (@hardcreative)
recorded and mastered by Mlandvo “Mlaba” Indlu’Yezikhali | John Sisk Music | Al3x Muti
For more information contact: thesselomanagement@gmail.com |

*God richly bless you and may you stay ‘Conscious of Christ’ everyday!



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