Tamar’s Tears Initiative

“Porn promised us freedom, we became enslaved; it promised us intimacy, we found only isolation; it promised us excitement, we ended up bored; it promised us ‘adult entertainment’ and we became increasingly juvenile.” – Matt Fradd



Inspired by Calliber’s personal struggle with an addiction to pornography, “Tamar’s Tears” is a song that he penned detailing the damaging effects pornography leaves in ones’ life even after being able to break the addiction and the process of mind renewal that is needed after a decision to quit. Inspired by the biblical narrative of the rape of “Tamar” by her half brother “Amnon” in 2 Samuel 13:19, in the song, Calliber  seeks to portray the negative image women have predominantly been ordained with by our over-sexualised culture and the gluttonous and insatiable sexual appetite it creates in a porn addicts’ mind, that eventually cannot be satisfied and leads to more bondage.

Although the concept started as a song, it was later impressed on his mind to develop it into a project that will seek to raise awareness to young people of the fast growing link between pornography and  the demand for human sex trafficking.

It is in my heart that this project reach the sole objective of raising awareness to those addicted tol pornography but ignorant of its harmful effects on society in surrounding communities.


In line with this project, I would like to encourage you to download this free booklet that is entitled “Stop The Demand“; a free resource I obtained by my membership of an  internet accountability software [Covenant Eyes]. This booklet provides great insight on the connection between pornography and Human Sex Trafficking worldwide.

It is from such an understanding of the connection between the demand of pornography & Human Sex Trafficking that motivated me to use my voice to raise awareness with the hope of more people making the choice to find freedom from pornography and to actively pursue the life God has called us to live through faith in Jesus Christ.

The song “Tamar’s Tears” – will be available on an upcoming album (more information – coming soon).

God bless you for reading.

– Yours Faithfully

Calliber “The Berean Emcee”



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