October 2018 saw Skeel and Calliber release a joint entitled “Release[d]”. According to Thesselo Music Blog; “The track carries themes of deliverance a person finds by faith in Christ alone. In a world of turmoil and troubles, addictions and different kinds of physical and emotional baggage and bondage we as people find ourselves in, its encouraging to know that we can freedom in our God” . The exciting news is that there seems to be a music video on the way!

Not much information has been released yet, but rest assured that there is a snippet of the video about to be “Release[d]” (excuse the pun lol) in the coming week just to give people a taste of what they can expect.

Do feel free to listen to as well as Download the song from Skeel’s SoundCloud Account while we patiently await the visuals for this masterpiece.

To everyone voting for the song on the ESwatini Radio Top 20 chart show, thank you so much and may God richly bless you.

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